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34 dating 21

In fact, the one time I suggested that to him he said we weren't ready to go there yet.

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I tend not to vocalize these feelings because dating is complicated enough without creating drama by saying every silly thought that crosses one's mind, but it's there. Why would you inevitably end up hating him? Girls like older guys unsially and guys like younger girls usually.

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And because of that, relationships really can't be put on hold until a more convenient time. If you were 44 and she was 31, Id be asking if I could be invited to the wedding.

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Dating shutterstock Top Fb. I'm currently in a great relationship 9 years younger Warn her that many men look for younger women to train. I'm a 35 years old guy dating with 21 years old girl, although my face is look like 24 or 23 years old 34 dating 21. It would also make you incredibly complicated at best for an ethically minded middle aged person to date.

Because he clearly thinks of himself as some kind of romance guru. At 34, he's planning on having a 4 to 5 year long relationship with you that includes sex. Why do adolescents get into drugs?

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Suddenly flipflopping from hot to cold looks like a convenient seduction technique he can use to keep you on the hook while preventing you from colliding with his other girlfriend or whoever else it is he's working on right now. He 34 datings 21 he's gonna pay on the 34 dating 21 date. I know it's exciting to be the pursued one and to feel like you are caught up in star-crossed, tortured romance, but actually, compared to being loved and respected by a 34 dating 21, it's all kind of crap.

This guy is trying to dump you without actually doing the dirty work. You are a man Maybe there is some guy out there for whom this would not be weird and, frankly, unbelievable, but this part of the story makes it really hard for me to believe that you guys are in the relationship you think you are i.

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From what you have shared here, he sounds like he likes you but cannot get past the age gap. He's probably interacting with a stereotype and baiting the hook based on what he thinks the stereotype wants.

Yes, he had been sending you mixed signals in the past. And 14 years old as adults is like nuttin, i know peeps who are 15, 20 years apart who have been together for years. Sit back and let her learn from her mistakes.

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And I agree with everyone saying he has a girlfriend. I think he started doing this in order to convince you and himself, too, probably that he's really for real committed enough to be worthy of you giving up your virginity and having sex with him. Under Website use of location servicesclick Prompt for each website once each day or Prompt for each website one time only.

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She confided to me that it was my 'confidence'. College is really a time to be in the headspace of school, and it's hard to do that if your primary social interactions are with people who are not in school, or worse, people who left school behind 10 years ago.

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Listen to folks who say that the simplest things is: Simply walking away and "Looking for love elsewhere" to me totally demeans what love is. Not because the year age difference is too much, but because of the college kid thing. Hmmm, those things don't really add up.

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You should be having a great time dating people who are somewhere closer in life to where you are - wanting to get to know each other, enjoy spending time together, and making big life decisions at a pace that's appropriate and comfortable to you.

So you are having second thoughts about this, great!


Occasionally I may break the unofficial "rule" and go out with somebody 10 years younger when we really "click" but at the back of my mind, there's always this concern that maybe I'm taking advantage of her. You definately need to spend more time with him.

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Further, he's the only person who can really tell you why that is, but he probably won't, because he seems pretty concerned with not being a "bad guy.