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Dating rossi rifles

In Julya lighter and less expensive version of the Model 67 was introduced; this was the Model 77, which could fire only. Selected pages Title Page. Yet another Circuit Judge datings rossi rifles the revolver base, but is operated by lever action.

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The Circuit Judge Tuffy has a skeletonized synthetic stock with a recoil pad, a fore-end with a short length of MIL-STD rail underneath, a split rail atop the cylinder strap, and a true pistol grip. Typically it's a toggle bolt 73 or maybe a '66, occasionally a Marlin.


All the folks that made the original 92's are long dead and gone. When that happened, the contract to supply the Puma rifle to LSI was terminated.

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It wouldn't matter anyway since I would never do that to my guns. It is of course lighter, and finish is medium gray, except for the metalwork, which may be stainless or blued over stainless. Bottleneck cartridges always feed better than straightwall cartridges. None of the above shoot any more but my wife, Sly Puppy got into this action shooting and started with the Rossi.

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The Rio Grande Stainless in. The Model 73 is still being manufactured.

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Or you can leave it in the vault as a back up gun, it is less likely to break than many other rifles. Production of the first version, the Model 37, began inand is still in production.

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Good questions to ask yourself when selecting gear. RickB wasn't even talk'n to you Nate Kiowa Jones Steve Young is a master gunsmith with this rifle, he's done two for me so far. The main thing is to have fun and shoot safe! I shoot a 73 and I am a little faster with my 73 than I am with my 92 but My 92 in the hands of I really great gunfighter is way faster than me with my There is a solution but my gunsmith skills are not high enough: They are a little bit of a pain the first tear down.

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Most of cowboy shooting was with the 44 mag rifle 20" barrel. They were Rossi's first ever stainless gun imported in the late 90's by Interarms.

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The original "gamer gun" was a Rossi '92 Short Rifle before the short stroke kits were developed for the '73s. The barrels were 20 inches long, with a full-length tubular magazine underneath. FAQ; Serial number- age range? I somehow seem to have amassed a dating rossi rifles collection of '92's. As said, the Model 37 was the first version; it chambers.

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Here is my take on Rossi history. Copyright c GunLoads.

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Like most shooters, I'll never be fast enough to outrun a ' And, whatever we started with has residual value -- we can always sell it and recover much or most of what we put into it. Common terms and phrases. You might never need a Rifle 66 or A glossary provides definitions and explanations for technical terms listed throughout the book.

Dating Rossi Model 92 (.44 mag)

Pistols of the World. I don't enjoy the competitive aspect of CAS nearly as much as I do shooting all the different guns that were available from the time period. I cringe when I see a new shooter show up with a new 92 cuz I know they'll be fighting it. User Review - Flag as inappropriate definatoin of 9mm browing pistol.

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