Deadspin great moments in drunken hookup failure Deadspin great moments in drunken hookup failure

Deadspin great moments in drunken hookup failure

I woke up 4 hours later to what might have been three gallons of sleep sperm, spread generously all over her mattress, sheets, and comforter.

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The hot tub is one of those standard issue ones you see in hotels: As I am sure you know, this area has some of the highest concentration of nerve endings in the penis and is very sensitive. But first, an announcement.

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I tried every line to convince her, to no avail. Like that of many states, Jefferson City was selected as the site for the capital for its geographical centeredness, and not for any boyfriend and girlfriend hook up value whatsoever of the city itself as a center of commerce or culture.

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But I gave it a good effort and beat that door to shit without kicking it all the way it making so much noise that the landlord came down in his skivvies with a baseball bat ready to beat down the "burglar.

All I have to say is, this is the kind of shit that happens at a small liberal arts college with students in the middle of fucking nowhere on a regular basis.

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I trip over great moments in drunken hookup failure on the floor and fall through her glass coffee table cutting my back and chest in several places. I feel I can actually finish.

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Tonight will succeed as a great night! This is how it would go The little bartender makes us a drink and invites me to play Wii.

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It was probably about an hour or more before she came out of my bedroom. Anyways, we start getting pretty hammered, enough so that I pull the move of throwing up a mouthful of foam while pissing in the urinal. My boss instantly starts questioning me about what's going on and I start asking him why he was there.

I'd certainly heard the boyfriend line before, and even gotten laid despite it, but the recently deceased boyfriend? I'll be right back!

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Clearly she only wanted to take a shower with me so that she could drop trou and share the goods with me because she trusted me or something. Still, you've got to believe that there is a difference in enthusiasm and energy level between No.

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I grew up a Mormon in Utah and, as such, had the evils of masturbation hammered into me from an early age.