Do straight guys hook up with other guys How Straight Men Who Have Sex With Men Explain Their Encounters

Do straight guys hook up with other guys

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I have never felt attracted to another guy but I do still think back with affection on that experience. You are currently logged in as.

At some point they may have had a feeling or thought and then one day an opportunity comes a knocking on their back door and splooge they find out either damn I F ing love the cox or man that was strange ill stick to the vag, or even man I'm even more confused because I thought it was hot and I def got off but I'm not sure if I would act on it again or not.

The quotation marks were meant to be taken saracastically, genius. Find what you want!

Sexuality is one of the few areas where women are afforded more leniency than men

Add a word, Drop a word Jan ' By Eleanor Halls Be in the know! I'm not one to make snap judgments, but if you, as a man, are involved in a sexual relationship with another man I don't know how that got into my mind, why I like it.

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By Kathleen Johnston 4: It's more of a friendly hangout with the added benefit of sex. This, however, hasn't always been the case.

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This article originally appeared on AlterNet. By Eleanor Halls 19 Oct Who wants to argue?? Block explained that some men are looking for the BDSM element, which can involve humiliation by means of another penis, a larger penis. For John, kissing can be a defining factor in what makes a man gay. I am 26 now.