Girl just wants to be friends after dating Should You Really “Stay Friends” After The Relationship is Over?

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I wasn't trying to be mean; in fact, I was trying to be nice. I'm happily married to the woman of my dreams.

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Can you please give me and advice? Lonely and sick of it? A woman on a date is a bit of a confirmation to other women that this guy is worthy of dating. If there's one thing valuable thing I learned in my teens and twenties, it's this. Or you are a very small exception or a liar.

If she did, those problems wouldn't have been problems. Hi Guys, Same sort of situation happened me. I didn't want them to like anyone else!

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Your memories may haunt girl just wants to be friends after dating, and make it difficult to find someone new. Ive unfortunatwely done it before.

It is hard to turn off romantic feelings You see it in the paper every day.

Why She Says Let’s Just Be Friends

I send a response saying you know I care about you and I told you I wanted to see where things go but you are hesitant. That's called letting you down gently, my friend. You didn't blow her skirt up.

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You can do the things together that friends do, but you can't stop your heart from breaking every time they get a crush or hook-up or get mistreated by another dude or anything like that. We kissed she kissed backand the next day through phone I told her that the convo the other night about the status of this relationship was good for its honesty.

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I also didn't really know what I wanted, and someone paying that much attention to me was confusing, especially when I didn't reciprocate as strongly. And giving you hope by suggesting future "friends" outings further leaves her free from pissing you off mightily - she's ripping off the relationship bandage ever. You have a life to live and a lot to give to someone mature enough to accept it.

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Becoming aware to this means that no matter what she says or tells you, her actions and behavior will always dictate her true intentions. That's how I responded the way I did, and when that happens, the "girl" feels pressured for "more" and it You have to get it rocking. You can keep her as a friend if you want, but she's really not worth holding onto for future romantic interest. Also, when she said "its hard to tell after a couple of hours so I dont want to give a definate yes" I'm not sure what she is referring to. No sense chasing your tail if romance is what you seek.

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Don't pressure her, and maybe she'll come around. I don't know man.