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If you enter from the side with the rock wall, you'll notice that the door in the back is wide open. You'll find a locked chest and have another barred gate to the left.

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Step out onto the blue pipe on the outside ledge and carefully work your way over to the yellow pipe in front of the opposite column. Then try and kill the Toads on the adjacent roof.

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Hop across the piece of walkway to the left then greek dating sites london over to the side of the walkway with the door that Crane needs to get to.

Rendezvous at the Museum. There's some shotgun ammo in the chair on top of the blockade if you need it. Dying Light Walkthrough and Guide: Forgot your username or password? Do that and head inside! Kill the two zombies along the other side then find the second container area to the left. Tear off the left panel to reveal the switch for turning on the transformer.

You can try to sneak by the virals if you want but you want get too far. Jump onto the hook up amplifier dying light above then turn to the left and step out onto the narrow walkway ledge and find the metal poles to the left with the rope wrapped around one of them — this is hook up amplifier dying light you need to jump to next. Crane will get several enemy markers on his map in this next hallway area. After getting through the pipe, look up to see a ladder. Hop off the heads of zombies that stand in your way to build some distance between you and the volatiles.

Move out of the way of the lights while climbing. After grabbing the amplifier from Troy, make way toward the new marker on your map. There is a zombie statue by the green bag in the first alcove. If not, it will be inside the bottom container waiting for you.

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Savvy will tell him to zipline down and go to the tunnel to find his way back — this tunnel is to the southeast of the first container yard. Once Crane reaches the top, jump toward the side of the walkway above — it has a rope on it. Climb the column of cords across from the ladder. The hook up amplifier dying light side is all locked up except for the second floor portion of the trailer. Crane must climb his way up to the platform on the back right portion of this area. Follow the road that goes to the west outside.

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Find the red barrel in that room and shoot them to kill off a few toads. It's back across the bridge from where Crane came from. Kick back the ones that try to attack. Inside the fenced area are zombies waiting for you.

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Crane will have to get into the area speed dating dallas tx the west end — get up on the hill behind the fenced area then hop into the area. Savvy will tell Crane to turn on the transformer.

Crane will have to pass over several areas with steel beams along the bridge. You have a whole pack of angry volatiles behind Crane. Hop back over the fence and leave the yard with the two demolishers.

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