Hook up ethernet switch Connecting switch to router ? - Adding more internet ports.

Hook up ethernet switch

Some uplink ports have a little toggle switch to turn that port on and off uplink. Any advice would be appreciated. I wanted to get some more thoughts about this issue if possible before I try and tackle cable as in this case the cable that goes to the switch runs thru a wall connection and up into an attic for a long hook up ethernet switch before it is dropped hook up ethernet switch to another wall connection and then with the cable into the router.

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The wall jack or cables could be wired badly or have physical breaks or shorts. Could be the cable run from the router to downstairs has a problem try connecting the laptop directly to the router with 2 separate cables one at a time - to isolate the 2 cables and make sure both cables work properly If both work and the laptop connects properly then use those same 2 cables to run from the router to the switch and to the laptop and see if it works that way you isolate the switch as the only part added - if it works then it may be the cable run going downstairs - if it doesn't try using different ports on the switch perhaps it has one bad port - If none work then you know it is a problem with the switch.

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Dave Jan 4,6: Then downstairs is where the other computer and playstation are. JDFan Jan 4,9: So perhaps it is something a bit different about the PS3.

Can you try with manual IP settings? Dave Jan 5, I'm pretty sure the problem is caused by the individual cable connections inside the socket, they're very sensitive and if they're not done right, it'll cause this.

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WLANcable Sep 12,2: I'm not sure why these cables work with an old hub, but not with a newer switch, but they appear to be the only ones that have the problem.

I don't think it's a cable problem. Because I can get internet as long as I don't plug in through the switch. Our school has 24 port unmanaged switches daisy chained together to the best of my knowledge and I used to have internet working on the 3rd floor.

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I have now tried 3 different new switches and none of them will work. Basically, I have a router upstairs that plugs into a computer and a tv in the room next to it, as well as a cord that runs down to the bedroom.

With the old switch it works -- pull the cable plug in the cable -- new switch does not work. I know that this was an old issue but I have a lot of questions by looking over yours. I know the particular cables are not bad because they worked in the previous setup and swapping them to the computers plugged in directly works. Hope this helps Roger.

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I am rather frustrated with what I thought I knew about switches myself. Is there something I'm missing?

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Hi Dave, I have the same problem. I've seen this before. Dave Jan 6,3: I have seen issues where DHCP data is not passed though switches but it will connect aside from that. The day we started to map the network on the 3rd floor we were making some progress in the classrooms as I simply plugged in a laptop into each of the wall sockets in the classrooms to determine if I received internet and I was able to have an assistant determine which light showed up on the switch.