Nice guy dating The sinister logic behind 'Nice Guy Syndrome', explained by psychologists

Nice guy dating, 1. it's good for your soul

What is often labeled as a nice-guy is really someone who is just insecure and needy, a completely different type of man. I once told a woman she looked attractive, and she actually got not nice guy dating turned off but angry with me.

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Women like guys who are nice. Or they are way too into you.

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Want more of Bustle's Sex and Relationships coverage? I am almost 21 years old and I have only dated one woman in my life and I dated her… Read More….

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This means that dating a nice guy is something like therapy. All this from a woman who a year before had equated dating with despair, rejection and pain. Still, once you get the hang of it, you will see that there are more advantages to dating a nice guy dating guy than a bad boy. I compliment him too, at least once every dates.

You'll already know he's different though.

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Dr Robert Gloverwho's studied the issue, says these men are often trying to form "covert contracts" with the target of their affections. He appears needy to you because you are reading his dialogue with Evan. I would also advise against dating the " nice " guy: So, theoretically, if he choses you the bad guythen you must be pretty hot, right?

He muses that it must be nice to have hundreds of people writing to you. If you find yourself in a situation where you are somehow feeling guilty for ending the night with a pat on the shoulder instead of a five-hour sex romp, stop that!

For sure you have been in the situation of choosing between a nice guy and a bad boy. Speaking hypothetically, of course. Do you wish to be with someone who belittles you or someone who appreciates you for being you?

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That alone can turn a woman off. It feels really good to be able to give those things in return too, knowing it's not a power struggle with this one. And someday I am going to fall off that pedestal.

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I did searches based on age, zip code etc. You look back and you just feel stupid. Is he considerate towards your feeling?

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I have lost a lot of the excitement I felt leading up to our first few dates and these last 4 or so have been pretty lackluster. As what I would consider a fairly attractive woman, those are the guys that approach me.

Which Should You Date? Since Evan said my input was valuable sigh! He teases you, but apologies right away if he hurts your feelings.

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That means that if you sleep with jerks and bad boys, what are you going to get? Look at all those enticing bad boys that soften and come around in the end long as the woman is beautiful enough, supportive enough, available, wating. Some daring and responsibility?

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They spoke on the phone last night for the first time. But also I never emailed guys that I clearly did not meet their criteria no matter how attractive I thought they were. You know that massage you need after a long day… the one that puts you in a relaxed state of mind?

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Part 2 of Janet's question from last Friday: And it all starts making sense — he never wanted love. Well, here are 10 reasons why you should hook up with a Nice Guy.