Pennsylvania law on dating minors Pennsylvania Age of Consent Lawyers

Pennsylvania law on dating minors

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My son is 16 and the girl he' s seeing is All states restrict alcoholic beverages to those 21 and older, but other adult rights and responsibilities are tied to the age of majority. March 7, at 6: Those who break the law have committed statutory rape.

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Also, Pennsylvania children 14 and older may provide consent for any mental health treatment, including prescription drugs. I know I have a bad habit of posting comments on old web pages, but this looked like the most helpful place I could find to answer my question. Use for marketing or solicitation is prohibited. So if im 26 and my girlfriend is 16 but only takes it in the pooper. Originally Posted by cbg.

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In order to overcome this confusion and be as clear as possible, we will discuss the age of consent as it pertains to specific statutes. Pennsylvania Statutory Rape Laws.

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Talk to a Lawyer. This is because the age of consent varies based upon the ages of the individuals involved, as well as the conduct involved.


As long as they get married after she is 16 this will be fine. Pennsylvania statutory rape law is violated the de-facto age of consent law in Pennsylvania is actually 18 due to Pennsylvania's corruption of minors statute.

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I've been trying to research the laws about age of consent and how it relates to corruption of a minor. Hello i have a question I am a 17 year old moth in the state of PA.

Statutory Rape and Penalties

KC, See my previous reply at http: And do I need permission from my parents to date him? Neither of you could be charged with a sex crime for having consensual sexual intercourse. Oh, and you don't have to wait until you're 18 to have "difficult situations" to deal with The first, however, does not involve a sex crime per se, and reads as follows: If the individual that I want to be in a relationship and is about to turn 18 in a matter of days but is a junior in high school are they considered a minor?

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The prosecutors have much discretion when deciding when to file charges, so considering that the parents consented to the relationship, it would likely not happen. C If you are 17 years oldany person less than 4 years younger than you can legally consent to sexual relations with you. Click any charge for more detailed information.

What is the Age of Consent for Sex in Pennsylvania?

Not saying my parents are gonna charge me. If you were 16 years of age or older when you had consensual sexual relations with him, he could not be convicted of statutory sexual assault.

Remember, however, that you still are a minor, and he would be guilty of pornography crimes if he photographed you in sexual situations. I know legal age of consent is 16 and that with parent consent within a pennsylvania law on dating minors year difference it may be acceptable.

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Aiding and abetting a runaway in some cases, contributing to the deliquency of a minor - who said only SEX charges were a concern? I need to know if that is lawful.

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A minor may consent to medical treatment related to drug and alcohol abuse; pregnancy; or sexually transmitted disease. So what can I exspectPlease only serios answers.

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