Pregnant after 6 weeks of dating Preg after dating only 6 weeks

Pregnant after 6 weeks of dating, welcome to the coffeehouse

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I agree with the poster above, just because you are pregnant don't stop doing stuff together like going on dates to the cinema, or out for dinner.

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I was with dp for about 3 weeks when I became pregnant, like others we were party animals, none of our friends had kids, I will admit that while making the decision to keep the baby I was shitting myself! He said he would support me.

DH and I got pregnant after dating 2 months. Preg after dating only 6 weeks. Maybe it's the hormones or the pressure of the situation but I worry I might scare him off.

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I'm not a fan of abortion, but if that was the road she wanted to take at least I knew she was preggers and this wouldn't be a secret. Join Date Sep Posts 4, Like i said before, the relationship seems good. Relationships K posts On the other hand, I do not think I could have a termination.

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Here is a second static reply to test layout between replies. I really don't see having a child as a bad thing, It's still the miracle of life, and you will still love that child. My partner and I are still together, and we had a second child too, a daughter.

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He'll either come around or he won't. She fell pregnant with me at 20, she had no money and dad left but she made it work. We both have a lot going for us She did state that she doesn't beleive in abortion, most of the time.

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