She likes me but is dating someone else She likes me, but she has a boyfriend. What do I do?

She likes me but is dating someone else

You did the right thing. In comparison, the woman in the post above had a boyfriend, also had a crush on Winfred, told him she liked him, and led him on without giving him any kind of commitment.

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Originally Posted by hopelesscaliguy Same situation as Alfred a couple of weeks ago. So I reckon soon I need to be very clear and tell her exactly how I feel and what I want.

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Hey Gutsygeek, i got a story to share with you that made me confused what to decide wether to cut her off or remain as a her like me but is dating someone else. What can I do?

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Find out what to do when you like someone else when I been with my girl friend for almost 3 years, me and he told me that he really likes me and I like him. I started liking her and she did to me too. Originally Posted by hppr.

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Are you a phase? We became best friends and II never saw her as anything more than a friend until a few months after i met when i realized i had feelings for her. By this time we still never really had the time to go on a date yet because of our busy schedules.

Basically, i just want some advice on if i should wait for her or forget about her and move on. Then don't blame her that she was a cheater or an opportunist.

Hey Jay, you have to decide what you want with her. Do I want to open our relationship up to other people and try a NON-monogamous configuration? She said she liked me, I told her I liked her.

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She texts me every other day. And right now, her actions are to ditch you, and be with another man.

I love her and I want to marry her. She did that to gauge your feelings. Blame yourself - because despite knowing about her very well, you gave her a chance to repeat the history! She told me countless times that I know her so well.

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You people have complicated your life. Pretty simple really, she was honest about it with everyone, now she has to decide what she wants to do. If they do, they aren't good'ns.

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I said if we were to do anything word cannot get out to other colleagues. We drank quite a lot. Anyways when I told him his pain would get worse. I am on a similar situation.

Girl likes me but dating someone else

We didnt say anything at the point, we were just giving these looks to each other, it was like having sex already not that i would knowlol. Did you explicitly say it was a date?

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It hurts so damn much.