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Sister wives dating website

My wife can not have children operation- hysterectomy.

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Nonsmokers,no drugs or other health problems. Dont be afraid to message us at skillz4u rocketmail. With that in mind, try searching Meetup. We have considered this for many years now.

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We are looking only for a second wife. I am a single mom of two. I am bi and a sister wife who is as well would be great but the right woman could very well be straight - we don't know because we haven't met her yet. She begins to tell me about what she's been watching on TV and that it makes a lot of sense to her. I'll tell you what his answer would be: We would like to find a mature female who would love to belong to a mixed couple.

My husband and I has been together for over ten years and have 3 kids. If you have not considered that, please think about it, unless someone lives in your city, there is relocation costs.

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Try a real life and stop spreading your sickness. No children at home. We have four children. We will not be adding a third or more. I dont like the idea that its ok for men to have multi wives but not for women to have multi husbands.

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Works hard and makes allot of time for family too. Email us at snooks yahoo. Somewhere between is preferred. In that case you are on better road.

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They would fight for your attention so they would not forget sister wives dating website it means to woo you. We hubby and I posted a couple of times within the last 12 mths. My husband and I are interested in this life style. Someday I would like to return to a job out there, but I am in no real rush. By working together, we can achieve anything. We are a caring family who support each other very much. I am not interested in fathering more children but if you have chilren currently that is okay. We are not looking to move someone into our home tomorrow.

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I am very interested in finding someone to share our lives with. Where could I learn sister wives dating website information about starting a plural family, and church services that I could join other polygamist believers in worshipping God? Hi, We are looking for a sister wife here in virginia If interested e-mail gigglingypsy2 yahoo.

Last week my wife of 9 yrs 25 yr.