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Stanley plane dating

Stanley-Bailey Type Study

The corrugated version of the 3. The stanleys plane dating used to secure the frog to the bottom casting actually poke through the sole!

The 'horn' of the tote is often sheared off on many of the bench planes. They were made this way to prevent the sole from deflecting upward when the frog is screwed securely into place.

The first design resembles the letter "H" when viewed from the front or rear of the plane.

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This is most commonly found on the earlier planes, with their dating commitment, mushroom-shaped knobs. The totes on these larger planes sit over a raised tote receiver into which the screw and threaded rod are screwed.

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You'll probably find some amount of corrosion on the face of the iron where the cap iron makes contact. Take note of the change in the iron's width.

Inspect the iron, even on its backside, for any cracks. It's attached to the top of the frog with a small, peened over pin.

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In fact, I have seen fewer 2C 's than I have 1 's. Thanks for your response. Most of the stanleys plane dating have rosewood for the knob and tote WWII years, and from the mid's on, had stained hardwood.

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This is a smaller jack plane designed for manual training in school. These planes beg abuse, and have a pressed or forged steel bottom.

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I've never found this size plane useful. All the aformentioned tools were a radical departure from Stanley's main product line of bench and block planes.

“How Many Patent Dates do you see behind the handplane frog?”

These planes are generally in very good, or better, condition since they were used very little. This was the supposed appeal of these planes, that they are lighter than the iron planes.

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Such mistreatment shouldn't happen to a dog. The frog is screwed to the cross 'beam' that spans the rails. I have a Stanley 18 sweetheart style 2.

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Most of these planes are japanned with the typical black paint, but the very last ones to leave New Britain are instead japanned blue. Some of the reproduction totes are available with decals, which themselves are reproductions.

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Hooded with top lever patent However, the fellow did have several original Stanleys with soles the likes of which I've never seen before or since. They'd be useful tools if you were planing over your head all day, but not many of us do that.

Anyway, I'll bet the champagne corks popped simultaneouly with a deafening sound worse than that of any Lawrence Welk episode, for sure after the last A6 left New Britain, bound for some sucker in Anytown, Borneo. The plane is stamped "No.