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World star hip hop dating site

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Retrieved June 10, Retrieved 13 April Also available at General OneFile. Man Strong Arm's [sic] The Student.

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WorldStarHipHop has been in cases involving lawsuits for copyright infringement. Retrieved from " https: They comb the pop cultural landscape for videos that are shocking on multiple levels and feed into peoples' voyeuristic tendencies.

He explained O'Denat tarnished his image by having his image up on the site without his permission. The site's popularity has created a sort of voyeuristic feedback loop, in which disassociated bystanders immediately videotape violent incidents and act as if they're already watching a video on the Internet.

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Retrieved on January 25, David Zurawik of The Baltimore Sun said that "Now in its sixth year, WorldStar is seen by many critics as yet another example of the coarsening of American culture and life—another low on a downward continuum that extends from the Jerry Springer -style trash-talk shows of the s and s through to the TMZ.

O'Denat world star hip hop dating site the setup of OnSmash.

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As ofin some videos of violent fights, people chant "World Star" in recognition that the video may be posted on the website. WorldStarHipHop is a content-aggregating video blog. Retrieved on November 30, He explained that WS did not have his permission to put up the video of the fight.

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Hitting Her With Body Shots. The video was recorded by a Mr. Retrieved on April 22, Retrieved on November 2, Retrieved on November 15, He filed for a takedown notice so that WSHH would take down the video.

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Retrieved on April 23, WorldStarHipHop[20] a video surfaced of a fight between a man Scott and his current and former girlfriend. The Gothamist blog describes the site as "an Internet cesspool that's cashed in big on senseless fight videos.

Rapper 50 Cent also sued WorldStarHipHop in for using his image on their site without his permission. Lee "Q" O'Denat started the website in August as a distributor of mixtapes.

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After a five-year battle, 50 Cent finally won the case against WorldStar. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. WorldStarHipHop Type of site.